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Yes, another trip that feeds into my weekend. I love to work … I love my job … however sometimes things just seem off … this just happens to be one of those times … things are just plain off … so when things are off at work and with all this traveling, leaving on a Sunday is just plain painful. I miss my daughters already … even if at least my little one is beside me … and even though my oldest is at college … still so painful.

I feel that this is my time … It should be my time … the whole day just not a part of the day …

Enough whining onto a little picture fun …

I semi-tried the Dr. Oz 3 day cleanse. Semi, I say, because I really never finished with just the juices. I didn’t care for the mid-day drink, however breakfast and lunch were not half bad. My daughter wants to do it with me when she comes home next week … so round two is coming up … I think I still just want to do two juices and a sensible dinner. Will keep you posted.

My new favorite, flaxseed. More on that later.

Photo Mar 24, 2013, 13-33

My friend took me to Duke’s Grill. A tiny burger diner in the middle of Monroe. She didn’t want to take me … I guess she thinks I can be a little thrown off by the environment, 🙂 however in actuality I think that I am pretty easy going, maybe? 🙂 OK, maybe not … HOWEVER, this time at least I thoroughly enjoyed the hamburgers and the quaint joint. “Joint” I don’t think I have ever used that word before today.

Duke’s Grill since 1951 and also featured in the travel channel. Not bad.

Photo Mar 24, 2013, 13-32

Soccer season is back. Can’t tell you how much happiness it brings to me to watch her play. The team is doing wonderful … I am so happy AND proud.

We had a little scare last week, as Titti felt pain in her knee and the trainer was fearing a meniscus tear, thankfully it was just a muscle strain. Doctor advised to use a spin bike to get well.  (Just … I say .. as it is a much better alternative to anything meniscus oriented … nothing at all would have been better, though)

Can’t even tell you the relief I felt when the doctor said everything looked great.

She did however have to sit one game out … she was NOT happy. 😉

I think the pain started because they had to interrupt the game in order to let the lighting pass … after playing a half and then having to wait on what was a very COLD RAINY night and then only having 5 minutes to warmup to play the second half …

I think improper warm up was the culprit of the muscle strain. I believe that more attention should be paid to stretching and warmup in kids sports today.

Photo Mar 24, 2013, 13-32 (1)

On other life events … we also volunteered at our local Ronald McDonald House … and visited the doggy park to let Mr. Dante run free.

Oh speaking of Dante … he is on a diet … that is right … veterinary imposed. Why? Still daunts me … he looks perfect to me … Actually he eats really well … we don’t feed him table food … we only give him doggy food, a tablespoon of yogurt, veggies and fruit. OK, the occasional Parmesan cheese … Maybe this is the only transgression.

So we now are on diet food and we are doing great … OK, he is … me on the other hand … Not so much ;).

1.5 pounds lost only 6 to go. I could use some loosing myself ;).

… a dopo … Need to head for the airport … J


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