I am J, a proud mother of two beautiful daughters and an adorable yellow lab.
This is my journey back to me … back to Yoga, back to my photography, back to my cooking, back to running… back to me.
I am new to blogging and still finding my way around what seems an already crowded world.
… a few tidbits about myself …
Fact #1 – I love cooking … I hardly ever use recipes … if I do, its only for inspiration or help with specific methods… I love to make a meal regardless of what you find in your kitchen.  This is why I am not much of a baker.  I don’t like to be dependent on exact measurements or ingredients.  I also don’t have much a sweet tooth, so not much baking or dessert making around my household.
Fact # 2: I love Yoga … especially Ashtanga Yoga … but any Yoga will do.  I have been practicing on and off for about 12 years.  Meditation is next on my list … but this one is a difficult one to tackle.

Fact #3: I love taking pictures … my girls used to be my favorite subjects, but now they don’t have the patience for the numerous retakes… so food has taken over my photographs.
I try to do everything on manual settings and use real food you actually can eat … I often feel I am not taking my shots in the proper or most efficient way… as basically all I know about photography I have taught myself.
Fact #4: I love running … okay, maybe that is too strong of a statement.  I love the way I feel after I have completed my run.
This is a brief timeline of my very short but ongoing love affair with running:
1. All my life … running was never on my favorites list.
2. July 2010 … decided to take on running …
3. October 2010 … ran the Toronto Half Marathon in 2:00:18 (I was very pleased)
4. November 7, 2010 … got injured.  IT Band.  Self-inflicted injury in a sense … I didn’t actually know REST was an actual part of training.
5. December 2010 … Ignored my injury for a month … finally had to accept it. I had to STOP.  Visit the chiropractor.
6. On rest until February 2011.
7. Excuses, fear of re-injury and work (okay, that is another excuse) … no running.
8. July 2011 … finally back to some type of regular running… and hopefully continued improvement to come.
Blogging … I started blogging about a month ago … I am still feeling my way around … but enjoying every minute of it.  
The blog title … semplicemente J … it evolved as I tried to find whimsical and attention grabbing titles that all blogs seem to have.  I started with Milkdud “something or other”, for my love of Milkduds, Nutella Nut, for my love of Nutella, Grapes and Cheese (this one was taken), for my love of … yes you guessed it… Grapes (seedless) and Muenster Cheese … I couldn’t seem to find the right title so I decided to call it… simply put … J.
So here it is … simply … J … a glimpse into my world …