(originally posted 07/21/2011)

I am new to the blogging world and know basically nothing about html, blog lingo or common practices.  

Reading through blogs of interest, I came across the 2010 Marie Claire article.  I am sure you are all well aware of the article and the response to it, but before I go any further I want to post my disclaimer.
I love taking pictures, unfortunately I think most bloggers do and they all are really good at it.   I say unfortunately, because I hate not having something totally new and informative.  I was taking pictures of food even prior to starting the blog … I have books on food styling and was actually surprised that many things we see in pictures are fake or non-edible… so I take pictures of food, but food that can be eaten.  
I am not a smoothie lover and will most likely not try Chia seeds ever … I am a carbohydrate lover, any type of cheese gobbler… I try to eat sensibly however I don’t really diet anymore. Truthfully, at my age I am not in the mood or want to diet anymore.  I am conscious of my weight  but I won’t lie, I feel horrible if I gain weight.  Being that I am only 5’2″ I don’t have many places to hide my weight gain, so I notice it right away! 🙂
With age I have become forgiving of myself… 
I love running … or better said, I love the way I feel after running.  At this time I have no intention of ever running a marathon.  I am supposed to run a half-marathon this November … actually it is the half I had to defer due to last year’s injury … truthfully I don’t think I am going to do it. Just thinking about it gives me stress. I hate losing the money, but I want to get back to running for the pleasure of running, no mileage plan, no training plan …  I really am not planning to do any long distance running, unless I am able to go the Grand Cayman Half … who would pass up Grand Cayman!
I love Yoga, and so does the rest of the world … I didn’t start due to the fad … I just started it because I honestly loved it.  I haven’t done it forever… mostly due to my frequent business trips… I really AM exhausted after I come back… especially when I go to Mexico.
I hope to hit the mat this weekend with my daughter.
I frequently joke about, “it must be my age” … but I can honestly say I feel good about my age … I really hated turning 30 though!  Really hated!  Now that I am over 40, age doesn’t really phase me. I accept and embrace it.
I haven’t done many things in a long time and after my running injury I can’t seem to find my routine… I work a lot and don’t have much time for myself … I have my family and my doggy to take care of and there is little left … at least energy wise …  

This is where my blog comes in …  I am writing about my journey back to having some sort of balance in my life.  
I have about 5 views a day, so most likely no one will be reading this post … however I just wanted to say … I write for fun … hoping that maybe someone will enjoy my words.  I usually don’t write recipes because I never measure anything.  I have no words of wisdom or knowledge of nutrition … I just take pictures because I enjoy it and write about my life just because I am trying to find some accountability in my own actions.
So my disclaimer to my 5 viewers (not yet followers) 🙂  I will not give you nutrition pearls of wisdom, as I am looking for them myself! I will hardly ever post recipes, for the reason described above. I will definitely not teach you how to properly fuel and refuel before or after a run, as I DEFINITELY don’t know the appropriate way to do it … I just hope you enjoy my journey, my blog, my pictures, and I hope you find something worthwhile to come back to and read.  

If I have no future viewers, I am okay with this too … blogging is proving to be a very rewarding experience … even if its just for me!
… come sempre … a dopo … J