new year`s resolutions


It seems like every year I have fewer resolutions but the truth is that I want to feel my resolution making is a fun process of reaching for goals instead of another chore. So here is what I have up to now.

1. Run 2 Half Marathons. I know what you are thinking. I didn’t have a single Half in 2012 and now I am shooting for two. I know, I know.

March Update … Training is not going well …

2. Read 12 books, hopefully monthly not my usual end of year cram. This is one of my favorite resolutions. Believe me it’s not always easy as I let work get in the way, aaaand fun TV shows. There I admitted it. 🙂

March Update … Going great. Really Great!

1. What Alice Forgot. 
2. Damaged. 
3. Still Alice.
4. Silver Lining Playbook.
5. Looking for Alaska. 

3. Running Mileage. Don’t know yet what that the miles will be. I just know I want to have a goal.

February Update: Still don’t know what that is …

4. 12 New Recipes. One a month.  Though completed in 2012, my approach was not systematic … I wish to do this during 2013.

March Update:
January was full of new recipes, but I am naming my Hash-brown Cups my recipe for January. The one for February is still pending … A few weeks left. I know I have done several, if only I could remember. 😉 … Same goes for March!

5. Volunteering. Volunteer in 5 different occasions. I love this resolution. It will always find its place.

February Update: 
1. Cookies @ RMH
2. Collecting Donations @ Time Warner Cable Arena for RMH
3. RMH 

That is all for now. I may leave them at 5 rather then 10 (9) this year. 😉



1. Run a Half Marathon
2. Run two 5Ks
3. Run a 5K with Dante even if it is not an official race.

– Not looking good

4. Read 12 books! (hopefully not all during the last week of the year like in 2011!)
     1. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer – Quick Review … don’t know if I liked it or didn’t … loved the last chapter … but the book was a rollercoaster of I like it and I don’t …
     2. Mitten Strings from God – I read from beginning to end, but it should be more of a read a chapter here and a chapter there.
      3. Merle’s Door.
      4. The Perks of being a Wallflower.
      5. The Traveller’s Gift – very good!
      6. Inleashing Talent – work related, interesting.
      7. Until Tuesday
      8., 9., …
5. Go to an official class of something!  (Food Photography … hopefully!)
6. Go on a personal retreat!
7. Volunteer/Community Service (at least 3 events/3 times)
– Chick-Fil-A dinner (March)
– Volunteered in the Soup Kitchen (April)
8. Go to two openings!
9. Make a new recipe every month
– January – Cream Cheese Frosting
– February – Smore’s Brownies … too bad I had no time to take pics … the girls took them to their respective Super Bowl Parties! 
– March: I know I made something, I just can’t remember 🙁
– April: Thai Mango Salad 

Summary 2012
1. Not completed!
2. Completed with flying colors!
3. OK, no, not completed … but it is not exactly my fault.
4. WIll be done before the 31st!
5. Not completed!
6. Not completed!
7. Completed! Again, with flying colors! 🙂
8. Not completed!
9. Completed, but I can’t name them all. 🙁
4 out of 9 … hmmm … not too hot … bring on 2013!


I made 10 New Year’s Resolutions last December … I think I want to rethink the things I chose but here is the original list … 

1. Be my “perfect” weight.  I gained weight after coming to America. I mean not a lot, but a lot for me …  I want to be what I consider my perfect weight.  I think I want to get rid of this one.  I am not my perfect weight and half a year has gone by.  However I think I just want to change my outlook on my weight.
2. Finish one notebook from beginning to end. You may think this one is crazy, but believe me this one is a resolution that is actually very hard for me.  Every time I want to change the energy around me I start a new notebook at work.  Also, if my notebook started to look messy, I started a new notebook. Result:  I have a million and one half used notebooks.  This year I decided that I would finish at least one notebook from beginning to end.  Being forgiving of my mess and the things that happen good and bad in my life and in my the workplace.  Guess what!  This one I completed and now I am in notebook number 2!
3. Go to a retreat.  This one is for me … a retreat with me, myself and I … or at least a friend.  I haven’t done this one and with my girls and family commitments it may be a hard one to swing.
4. Go to two openings. (Work) Personal improvement. I have tried.  I even went to Canada, but the opening was delayed.
5. Read 12 books. I am so behind.  Let’s see:
Inside of a Dog:  What Dogs See, Smell, and Know by Alexandra Horowitz:  I liked it, but being that I am totally in love with my Dante… I still want to believe that he actually has the human qualities I believe he possess.
A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron: Loooooooooveeed this book.  After Racing in the Rain… I think I keep looking for books that elicit that same emotion in me.
– Currently reading: Born to Run by Christopher McDougall:  On the fence about this one… still in process… I can’t seem to get into this one.
– Lost & Found by Jacqueline Sheehan.  I just fall in love with any book that includes a dog’s perspective.
– A Big Little Life by Dean Koontz – a lovely memoir about the impact that Trixie, their dog, had on their lives.  He expresses the love one can have for our four legged children.  I saw myself in his words.  Humaniziation, you say?  Maybe, but I am fine with it!
-Room by Emma Donaghue – so hard to get into at first … but interesting and a little disturbing.
– Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert – some beautiful phrases I will need to write about them soon!
6. Run 2 half marathons. I am changing this one too… after my injury I have had a very hard time getting back into running.  I signed up last year for the Charlotte Half Marathon, I really don’t know why, because I do not want to do it.  I had to defer my entry due to my injury and now just thinking about it this year is giving stress and is taking the fun out of running. I remember that 6 miles used to be a short run and now even thinking of anything beyond 3 miles seems unattainable.  I have decided that I may not run the half in November … I may just opt to loose the money to be able to gain my love for just plain running again.
7. Run 500 miles. Don’t think I will achieve this in the 5 months that are left in the year … especially running low miles like I am.
8. Study 365 new words. I am doing this, but I am uncertain of how many words I have learned.  This resolution will be changed somewhat.
9. Take 1000 pictures.  This resolution will be reworked.  I have already taken a few thousand I gather, however I delete half of the pictures I take trying to choose my best work… so I am opting to change this resolution to a more meaningful one.

10. Volunteer in two events. I haven’t done this yet, don’t know why as this one is an easy one.

So the story continues … here are my new and improved resolutions … past mid year resolutions I should say …

1. Be my “perfect” weightEat healthy, not concentrating on a number just on health.
2. Finish one notebook from beginning to end!  COMPLETED!
3. Go to a personal retreat… I am keeping this one … with a friend or by myself I am going to do it! Not happening.
4. Go to two openings … I hope! Not happening!
5. Read 12 books … I am keeping this one too! 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Will do it before the 31st!

6. Run two half marathons. Run at least one 5K.  (I already did one!) I want to run without a plan, without a training plan … run just to run … a 5K is fun and normal training is required.  Ran a second one!COMPLETED!
7. Run 500 miles.  Don’t think it will attain it, however I want to keep this mileage goal. Not happening!
8. Study 365 words. Make a conscious effort to learn a word every day. Which is what I am doing, enjoying too! Accomplished!  In process, but being successful at it!
9. Take 1000 pictures.  Make sure that photography is present in my every day.  Making pictures count. Yes!  This has been accomplished! COMPLETED!
10.  Volunteer in two events. COMPLETED!  (Completed my third!)

So there it is, my new improved resolutions … they say its never too late to start.

Update you soon, hopefully with a lot of COMPLETED resolutions.

… a presto … J

1. Nahhhh!
2. Completed!
3. Not happening!
4. Not happening!
5. In process … behind … but looking good!
6. Completed!
7. Not happening!
8. Completed!
9. Completed!
10. Completed!

OK, so 6 out of 10 … striving for a 9 in 2012!

2012 in process and changing …
1. Run a Half Marathon
2. Run two 5Ks
3. Run a 5K with Dante even if it is not an official race.
4. Read 12 books!
5. Go to an official class of something!  (Food Photography … hopefully!)
6. Go on a personal retreat!
7. Volunteer in 3 events!
8. Go to two openings!
9. Make a new recipe every month.